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organic cotton baby blanket


If you are searching for the perfect baby shower gift, a newborn blanket is something that every new mom will cherish.

A newborn blanket can be used to swaddle and soothe your little one, protect them from weather conditions and cold air when outside, keep them warm in their crib, or just add fun color to the nursery. Blankets are an extremely useful baby item that can be used all year long. But with so many options out there, how do you decide which newborn blanket is best? In this guide we will walk you through some important factors to consider as well as our top choices for newborn blankets.

The key features of the newborn baby blanket

There are many key features of the newborn baby blanket. The first is the size of the blanket. This should be around 30 inches by 40 inches, which means that it will easily fit into a crib or bassinet.

It should also be made from a soft material such as organic cotton or wool we currently stock organic cotton newborn baby blankets, although there are other options available depending on your preference.

Some blankets have designs printed onto them in order to make them more interesting for your child and others do not have any design at all except for their color or patterned fabric (which may not be visible if it happens to match with your own furnishings).

Color choice for a newborn blanket

  • Choose a color that matches the nursery color scheme. If you have a specific theme in mind, then choose a blanket that will fit well with it.
  • Choose a neutral color that will match any nursery color scheme. If you’re not sure about decorating the room yet, then stick to something safe and simple like white or cream colored blankets; these are classic options that will work with any decor style!
  • Choose a color that matches the baby’s skin tone if possible. This way, even if they grow out of their lovey before they outgrow their crib bedding. They’ll still have something soft and snuggly nearby whenever they feel lonely or upset during those early days. When separation anxiety is still new territory for everyone involved, even though it may seem like nothing but old hat for parents who’ve been through this process before!

A newborn baby blanket is a special baby shower gift that a new mom will cherish.

A newborn baby blanket is a special baby shower gift that a new mom will cherish. The blanket is typically crocheted, knitted or sewn with love and care by a member of the family or friend who has chosen to give it as a gift. The blanket can be simple in design or have intricate stitches that are time-consuming to make. The recipient will cherish this blanket because it represents her child’s birth and will use it for years to come.


The key features of a newborn baby blanket are size, color choice and the softness of the material. The size should be 0-6 months, which will keep the baby warm until they grow out of it. The color choice is up to you, but it would be best to ask the new mom if there is a certain color she likes more than others. Remember that your gift will be cherished forever, so make sure you pick something that makes both you and the new mom happy!”

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